About Us

Who is Taste Florence?

Taste Florence is a tiny little company that offers 3 to 5 hour food and wine tours on foot in the historic center of Florence.  Our team includes sommeliers, culinary professors and guides, who serve you fantastic food and wine in venues we love…

Taste Florence is a collaboration of lots of special people in the beautiful city of Florence, plus delicious food.guest-fun

An important note: this is not a simple “Taste of Florence“.

We are inviting you to personally Taste Florence with us for a unique experience. Discover Florence with us, and Taste Florence with us.

What we do:

We offer mostly small group tours (2-13 guests), and private tours upon advanced request. (Private tours are also possible, but incur an extra cost when groups are less than 8 guests. This helps us cover the cost of the private guide and venues.) Our tours are conducted in English, but we can host private tours in Spanish. (Visitas provides en Espanol con solicited avanzada. Envienos un correo electronico para obtener mas informacion).

Our food tours are a series of food tastings around town, and an optional wine tasting, all included in the posted ticket price. We walk from point to point, tasting, learning, and savoring in each spot. We do not visit any formal restaurants on our tour- instead we bring you to special food shops and stands that are family owned and operated, often over 100 years old, and dear to us and many of the locals who frequent them, like their parents and grandparents before.

We serve tastings of specialties in each location, and teach how they tie into the local and regional culture and history, as well as how they are made with loving attention.

Sometimes you’ll sit, sometimes you’ll stand, but you’ll rarely walk more than 15 minutes between stops. Florence is flat and pretty small, so this is a user-friendly walking food tour. You’ll finish the tour with a fairly full tummy, lots of new knowledge, and a handy map with restaurants and markets, where you can further explore the city during your stay.  For full tour details and booking info, please click here.

The best time to join:

Mondays through Saturdays, mornings (so you catch all the action at the morning food market!). We can offer private and afternoon tours at other times, but recommend mornings whenever possible to our guests.

How do I know this is a reliably good tour?

Taste Florence Food Tours have been featured in the Washington Post, The Dallas Morning News, The Toronto Star, The Boston Globe, The Newcastle Herald, on the CBC and on Voice of America. Voted Best Food Tour by The Culinary Travel Guide.

Also included in our tour: food coma!

Also included in our tour: food coma!

Listen here to a radio story about our food tours, and why Toni started them years ago, to save visitors from missing out on the true masterpiece of Italy, the cuisine!


What we don’t do, but who we recommend in such a case:

  • We do not book trains, planes, hotels or cars. For licensed drivers, please email us at tasteflorence@gmail.com for a list of reliable, licensed drivers.
  • We do not conduct cooking classes, but we have contacts with many licensed cooking schools. Please email us at tasteflorence@gmail.com.
  • For trains, please consult these websites:
  • For planes and hotels, please contact a trusted travel agency in your area (customer service in Italy is not as good as it is in most countries as there is not a customer-friendly return policy in Italy. Refunds are rare.) We will not book or recommend hotels, as we’ve learned in the past that things are just too inconsistent and we would not want our guests to think of us if their hotel was not satisfactory.
  • Or contact a reputable travel planner or travel agency, like http://www.sliceoftuscany.com, http://www.tuscanytours.com, who offer travel planning and amazing experiences throughout Italy.
  • We do not offer package trips. For personalized packages, contact Slice of Tuscany or Tuscany Tours, for planned yet amazing group package trips, try http://www.tuscanytours.com for gourmet, but relaxing vacation packages, or contact http://www.culturediscovery.com (they are excellent for single travelers visiting Italy, by the way! They are all-inclusive and experiential.)