Audio Guide: Taxi by SMS or Phone

Taxi! How do the taxis work in Florence? That’s a question even the locals ask.

Listen to this audio guide so you get a better understanding of how to catch a taxi in Florence. 

Quick Tip 2:


You will see Taxi stands (with a dark orange, red, or yellow sign) around town in some of the main squares- but often they have no taxis, or may have a long wait.

For the most part, you cannot hail a taxi as it passes. They are usually on their way to another call or passenger, as the taxis here are usually summoned by phone (a hotel or restaurant will usually call for you, but if you are not at a place of business, you’ll need to know the facts).

The 2 most common numbers to order a taxi by phone are: +390554242 and +390554390. If the idea of calling them is intimidating, or you want to save on roaming charges, try ordering a taxi by sms (text message) as follows. Send the sms to this number: +393338077555. In your sms, write the following:

City, Street Address, Time. In the green below, you’ll see: Firenze, Street address, and Ora (which means now).

In the white below you’ll see a successful reply, in which it says the name of the taxi MONACO 40, which will arrive in 4 minutes. (In the second example, you’ll see an unsuccessful request due to a shortage of available taxis, “Siamo desolati…” If this happens try again, and again, or call if you are having no luck).

Success! Taxi on the way…

Siamo desolati = We’re terribly sorry, but no taxi available.