Taste Florence in the Press

You will love your experience on our Taste Florence Food Tour, but don’t just take our word for it. Taste Florence is the original Florence tasting tour and we’ve been talked about in some of the best travel publications and blogs, on air, and by amazing guests. Read what they have to say and join us to see for yourself what makes Taste Florence so unique!


“During the four-hour food crawl, Mazzaglia peppers guests with tidbits of culinary history and woos them with tasty treats at wine shops, bakeries, chocolate makers, gelaterias and market stalls. Her vast knowledge of wine-making and food culture, combined with her exuberant personality, make Taste Florence less of a gourmet crash course than an act of performance art.”
– Jamie Rich, The Washington Post

“Taste Florence has given the group a healthy bite of what some consider Italy’s true art — cuisine.”
The Dallas Morning News

“As we move on, each place brings us closer to Tuscan nirvana…”
Toronto Star


” Hordes of tourists descend each day on the city, and a plethora of sandwich, gelato, and pasta shops have sprung up to serve the masses. If you’re searching for the genuine tastes of Tuscany, [The] Taste Florence food tour is a good guide.”
– Cynthia Graber, The Boston Globe


“On this day, Taste Florence has taught them what Italians have known for centuries – that the time you spend eating is never wasted.”
– Nancy Greenleese, Voice of America

“Visit some of the best food spots in town by joining one of Taste Florence’s morning walks.”
– Olive

“How not to be a tourist in Italy.”
CBC Radio Canada

“Armed with toothpicks and wine glasses, Antoinette “Toni” Mazzaglia is on a mission in Florence to ensure tourists enjoy authentic Tuscan cuisine – and avoid the tourist traps.”
Deutsche Welle

“Cool. History. Boo! Like, you know. Like, I’m not into geography anymore. Give me f**king wine.”

– Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, Jersey Shore, MTV (Season 4, Episode 10, during our wine tasting)