Photo Contest

Photo Contest, Call for Entries!

Winners receive a gift certificate for a free tour ticket,  and their winning photo will be used on the website! Photos can be of food, you and/or the guide, cool images taken in Italy, etc…

We can’t wait to see your photos!

Congratulations to our recent winners

A taste of Florence! From monthly contest winner Renny.

From photo contest winner Nicky S.

Photo contest winner for October. Good job, Nat and hello to Karen, Colin and Clark!

Congratulations to November photo contest winner Eric Doan!

Also, congrats to our past winners:

  • M. Yoshiba
  • Andrea Connors
  • Joan Garvin
  • Genevieve Tatco and Nick Villamayor
  • Matt DiStefano
  • Stacy Leisinger
  • Beth T. Bumgarner
  • Devon and Matt Perotti
  • Walter Korinek
  • Alexandra Mandoki
  • Elissa Jane and Greg

How to Enter the Contest

To send us a photo(s) please send them to our email:

Write in the email subject line: “Photo Contest”.

Be sure to give your full name, the date you participated and your written permission for us to use the photo on and/or our Facebook page.

Please also include your name on the photo’s file name. (example: johndoe.jpg) so we can easily locate it in our computer system.

The only way to enter the photo contest is to enter your photos by emailing us!

The photo can be of guests and/or food on the tour, or images of Italy that would be a nice addition to our site. Photos can be taken in the last 48 months.